About Us


The front entrance to our "piece of the sky"

The El Sitio Cattle Company of Texas has been located under this same
"piece of the sky" since 1968. For over 50 years we have been raising
and trading livestock from this place and have been successful due to
its rather close proximity to San Antonio and New Braunfels. We are
located less than one mile from the nationally recognized Natural
Bridge Caverns. "El Sitio" in Spanish means "The Site." It is
reported that many years ago there was an old burial mound found on
this land and we have been calling it El Sitio ever since we have
owned it. The brand used was first registered in Tulsa County,
Oklahoma in 1911 as an old penciled drawing and has been in our family
for 107 years.

Owners, Pierce and Sandy Broach, have lived on the land for decades
and greatly enjoy its live oak trees, native ash juniper motts,
standing water pond, and slightly rolling topography. We are stewards
of this high fenced land and enhance it with cross fence grazing
control, seasonal brush shredding with Seppi mulching machines and
occasional controlled burning.

Please follow us for listings of livestock, equipment and other items
of interest that we will sell on this website.

The original Trinity aquifer well drilled in the late 1950's.  Three generations of well pullers from the Saur family have worked on it.

The back of the Guest Caboose at Dusk.

The front of the Guest Caboose at Dusk.

Well & water run off fed pond at the back of the ranch residence.

The front porch of the Guest Caboose.

We really do not tolerate trespassers at El Sitio.

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs!

Back view of the main ranch house at El Sitio.

View of cleared and improved North Feed pasture.

Original cattle pens built in the late 1930's by Woodrow Wuest.

Exterior high fence in Australian non climb wire.

Ranch office building built in the mid 1980's.

Main cattle pens with sky walk over for viewing.

One of three well systems.  Wells are 640 feet in depth.
Secondary cistern system with 640 foot Trinity aquifer well.